StartUpWoman is a modern woman who is working on creating her place in the working environment and the modern world.
StartUpWoman is a woman who decided to start shaping a different future for herself.
                                                 StartUpWoman is a community of women who wish to share and exchange their experiences in order to create a new perspective for themselves and the like-minded.
StartUpWoman is a communication forum for those women who are still looking for their place in the world of business or developing their professional activity.
StartUpWoman is a woman who feels the need of planning or redefining her professional path.
StartUpWoman is a woman who feels the need to revise her plans for future career and profession.
StartUpWoman is a woman who is looking for advising and support with launching her current or future business project.


  • Anna Trzaskalska - CoFounderka StartUpWoman


    Co-Founder StartUpWoman

    Lifestyle and wine. I study womens entrepreneurship, practice it myself and love to share my experience. Im actively promoting lifestyle and hybrid entrepreneurship

  • Magda Stawka - Founderka StartUpWoman


    Founder StartUpWoman

    "The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn"










Feel the power!

Dare to be yourself!

Find the right balance in life and feel happy!

Find your passion or use your current interests to pivot your career!                                     Become a lifestyle entrepreneur! Change passion into the business and make sure you'll have a safe future!

There are times in life when you feel like making a dramatic change. It isnt always easy to do, but if you use the right tools to work on yourself and your enterprise, it will be an interesting change.

The book Alchemy of a womans career is based on our experience and Magda's case-studies. Give yourself a second chance! 

We stress the importance of work ethics, credibility of personal brand and care about keeping the appropriate standards in working environment. As well as the dialog, flexibility in terms of adapting to changes and building leadership. We develop new ideas, recommendations, and solutions for both, individuals and groups of professionals.

We are part of the European network for Digital Skills and Job Coalition. 

Dare to be yourself and make a step toward future - StartUpYourFuture!


You are a woman and you feel like youre stuck in one place? You dont know how to use your potential, but you wish to evolve and create interesting things in life? You wish to do something, but you dont know where to start?

You feel lost in your environment and exhausted with trying to improve your professional status?

If you answered „yes” to at least one of these questions, it means you are a person we wish to work with, you belong to our StartUpWoman community and StartUpYourFuture initiative. 

Start your journey into the New Future with StartUpWoman!

For you, we encourage the women to create new space for themselves and their projects.

We developed a StartUpWoman trademark course, as a part of our trademark StartUpYourFuture method.

Our trademark StartUpYourFuture method is a mentoring program, combining theory and practice of career management, with elements of lifestyle (fashion, art, and sports). 

StartUpWoman develops:


  • StartUpYourFuture

    Career mentoring leading to a creation of ones own model of lifestyle entrepreneurship.

  • StartUpYourCareer

    Counseling and support for students who make their first steps in decisions regarding their future career.

  • StartUpYourMaturity

    Mentoring, counseling, and support for professionals who are in the transition period, in-between two assignments, looking for new challenges or willing to acquire new skills and competencies in terms of digital knowledge.


                                                              You will get practical knowledge and tools to refine and test your business idea or the idea for your career!                                                    You will develop your own brand using talents and potential!

You will discover your passion, take a step into the future and become a lifestyle entrepreneur!
You will use meditation techniques to generate your energy and sense of ownership!
                                 You will discover different perspectives of leadership and deepen your authenticity and effectiveness as a leader in the modern world!                           We will inspire you to take action and steps according to our trademark career program with proven effectiveness.

 The mental training that we offer serves individual needs of StartUpWoman Days participants and builds access to the ASSETS required to achieve the goals. For this purpose, we provide guidance based on our professional and PERSONAL EXPERIENCE throughout the duration of the Program. Our goal is to stimulate the desire to get INSPIRED with the ideas for life.
Our dream is to motivate and draw MOTIVATION.
We want to work together, promote each other’s values and ideas in response to typical Polish confidence constraints because we want to build the CONFIDENCE!      Join us and create the StartUpWoman community in Poland.

                                                                                                  You will find us in the Campus Warsaw and at the workshops.                                                                                                   To find out more, follow us on our social media profiles.



We combine business and teaching in our professional and academic work. We are experts in the management of entrepreneurial lifestyle, hybrid entrepreneurship and organizational development in particular. We want to provide important data for the development of Polish entrepreneurship. Luxury brands, theater, and modern technologies are additional areas of our academic expertise.

                  At the occasion of our ongoing doctoral dissertations, we conduct research in the areas of entrepreneurship and organizational development                              as well as gender and leadership.

The Think Tank's mission is to inspire both business and academic environments, students included, to design best practices in the area of professional activity. The Think Tanks goal is to connect generations and guide all those who are facing challenges of professional transformation.

Women Business Roles in Polish Wineries

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